Style in Motion Vol 2 - Dance Competition 2014 Highlight

Style in Motion Vol 2 – Dance Competition 2014 Highlight

Style in Motion Vol 2 – Dance Competition 2014 Highlight

Style in Motion Vol 2 - Dance Competition 2014 Highlight

Style in Motion Vol 2 – Dance Competition 2014 Highlight

Style in Motion Vol 2 – Dance Competition 2014 ( Official Highlight )

HIP HOP – Way Mask a.k.a 小黑 (TAIWAN)
WAACKING – Pan Pan Narkprasert Panpan a.k.a Pangina Heals (THAILAND)
ALL STYLE – Way Mask & Pan Pan

Brought to you by : SIM Dance Studio

Official Videographer & Broadcasters :

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Ze & Wen | Wedding in Boracay

Location: Boracay, Philippines

Boracay, world famous beach! It was a wedding that we are looking forward to. The traveling journey to Boracay was a nightmare. Flying from KL to Clark(4hrs), domestic flight transfer to Kalibo(30mins), land transfer(1hr) to Caticlan jetty and boat transfer(10 mins) to Boracay! But the pain of traveling is worthwhile! The scenery is awesome!

It was rainy season in July at Boracay. The first 2 days was raining.. and we were worried. But the weather was extremely great on the wedding day! This is amazing! The rain stopped for this loving couple and we had a beautiful sunset beach wedding! ^_^

The wedding was held at Puka beach, Boracay. It is a private beach! You can hardly see tourist there. It is definitely a great location to have a private party! Love it to the max!

It was a sweet and touching wedding. Thanks for Ze & Wen! Understand is a hard time for you to arrange such a big group of people(~40pax) traveling to a unfamiliar place. The flight was reschedule few weeks before the departure date, arranging accomodation & transportation for people who come from different places and arriving on different day & time.. etc…we would like to say, you guys did a good job! thumbs up!

Wishing you have all the happiness in the world and we looking forward for your wedding day!

Team of ShawnGallery

Victor & Serene

Victor & Serene | Wedding kidnapping story video + Wedding Day Highlight

Location: Singapore

Wedding kidnapping story video + Wedding Day Highlight

This is a combination of pre-wedding & same day edit highlight video. We were excited when Victor & Serene told us about their idea for adding a kidnapping story into their wedding highlight. It was challenging task for us.

There were lots of preparation on script, props, coordination, location etc..thank you Victor, Serene, and their friends for the hard work. It was a great experience working with you guys. Thumbs up for you!

Team of Shawn Gallery

Joel & Amelia

Joel & Amelia | Same Day Edit Wedding Video




Joel & Amelia is soooooooo SWEET. Just listening to their voices reading their letters will really warm your heart. You can just feel the radiant genuine love and happiness glowing from inside of them and through their voices and that is what makes it so beautiful. I just love seeing their happy expressions every time they see each other especially when Joel was singing for Amelia during the gate crash !

We finished the morning ceremony shooting at 3pm and reached hotel at 3:30pm , lucky we manage to produce the Same Day Edit Wedding Video to show during wedding dinner .

Thank you so much Joel & Amelia for having us and trusting us to capture your day and we hope that this film will always remind you both (and family) of how loving and beautiful you all are :)


Team of ShawnGallery

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Jo & Joanne | Wedding Cinema

Got to know Jo during Wai Tin & Cheryl’s wedding. He book us right after watching our SDE video in their wedding reception.

We had the pleasure to film their pre-wedding and actual day. It was a great experience. You guys are expert in jet-ski. We had lots of fun during the shoot. Thanks “Mr. Sun” for awarding us tanned and burnt skin after the shoot.

I love to work with couple that really trust us for who we are and what we can do for them. We would like to thank you for trusting us to capture your beautiful wedding day. We enjoyed working with you. We hope you enjoy the memories that we captured for you. Blissful marriage! Honey!

P/S. Jo has been calling me “Honey” after their wedding! Haha. Thanks for loving me and our work. =p
Team of ShawnGallery



Chong Shen & Cindy | Same Day Edit

Chong Shen & Cindy | Same Day Edit

A beautiful wedding in Melaka again! We don’t have chance to meet Chong Shen & Cindy before the wedding because Chong Shen was studying in Australia. So, everything was communicated via emails and whatsapp. Thanks for the trust and choosing us for your big day. :)

Sisters and brothers were lovely and fun. We enjoyed the wedding very much. Thanks for the hospitality when we were in Melaka. You guys are really nice !

Chong Shen you are so romantic! We love the song you sang and the words you said to Cindy. It was very touching! So sweet :)

We wish you a blissful marriage!

P/S : Great experience to work with Max MaxGoh Photography and thanks for the satay celup supper !

Team of ShawnGallery

Denmarc & Amanda

Denmarc & Amanda | Same Day Edit Highlight

Location : Penang

It has been more than 10years from my last visit to Penang! We were excited!

Denmarc is Phillipinos, he wanted to “challenge” the gate crash in chinese customary wedding.  You guys did a good job in gate crashing ! Everyone was enjoyed it. Not to forget  the antique bridal cars were very eye catching! The banquet was held at Eastern & oriental hotel (E & O Hotel). A beautiful place! Loves the design and architecture.

Thanks Marc & Amanda, and their families for the hospitality in Penang! We love working with you.

Team of Shawn Gallery

Kny & Bell

Kny & Bell

Another great wedding we had in Melaka! It is monsoon season now and is raining everyday. 22.12.12 was a beautiful day with great weather!

We had a wonderful experience in this wedding. There were different characters nicely dressed up in costumes and props, e.g: super Mario, angel etc.. it was really fun and there were tones of joy & laughter in the morning ceremony. :)

The wedding banquet is another awesome experience. It was held in Hotel Equatorial Melaka. The venue was nicely decorated and there were many special performances. First march in was lead by ballet performance by little girls. There were violin, piano, dance and live band performance too! The greatest show was the live singing performance by groom accompanied with piano. K’NY sings well and he is very talented! Thumbs up! His voice is heart melting.. as pro as a singer. Like!! it was live concert and not an ordinary wedding banquet, everyone is enjoying it.

Thanks for choosing us for your big day! We enjoyed working with you!

Team of ShawnGallery